CM11 Jewel FAQ

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How do I install this

  1. You must install the TWRP recovery posted in the original post, see the next question if you don't know how to do this
  2. Backup your current installation using TWRP
  3. Do a full wipe (factory reset) using TWRP
  4. Flash the zip for the rom and the zip for the google apps
  5. Reboot

Note: It is recommended that you have the latest radios and hboot insalled, see instructions below for details

How do I install/flash the recovery

Follow the fastboot or ADB/Terminal method on this page:

How do I update my radios?

Latest radio versions are: (find yours in settings > about phone)
Update radios using this info :

How do I update my hboot?

Follow the instructions here: (must have Android fastboot installed)

For a complete HBOOT update experience, it might also be a good idea to follow-up the update with a good factory reset and clean flash.

That'll ensure everything is working properly. If you're having issues after updating, that might be why.


Is ART working?

No, this build is deodexed at the moment, so it isn't ART compatible


How can I remap buttons?

Flashing this zip file will remap the rightmost button (recent apps) to be the menu button. Long press the home button for recent apps:

Edit the file included in the zip and make your own if you want a different button mapping


Known/Verified Bugs

  • Mute on stock phone application not working
  • Boot loop on reboot (workaround)
  • Netflix and MX video not working properly

Getting a boot loop on reboot

Hold down power until your phone turns off (10s), then turn back on. Alternatively, just shut down instead of rebooting.
This seems to be fixed by updating your hboot to the latest

Google Now isn't showing up?

Go to the launcher settings (long press in a blank space and then tap settings) and turn ON Google Now

How do I add screens to the launcher?

Add/move an app/widget and drag it all the way to the right to add another page.

Data/Wifi issues

These seem to be resolved in the latest version (11-13-13), make sure you are updated, have the latest radios and have done a clean wipe before installing. Others have reported creating an image, flashing to a RUU rom, updating firmware and PRL and flashing back to your backup image without a full wipe has worked as well.


Apps not working or weird behavior:

We have recieved the following reports:

  • MX & Plex both work on the 11/13 build does not on 11/18 or 11/19.
  • Netflix has not worked on any so far.
  • Skype produces screeching sounds on land line calls
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